House Concert SeriesHickory Arts

House Concert Basics

Courtesy of Rufus Smith

Performers love what they do and they also have to make a living at it. Typically, house concert guests pay $15 to $20 each. If you have 30 guests, that’s $450 to $600. Typically, all proceeds go to the performer (I don’t know anyone who presents house concert and expects to make money on the deal). It has to be for the love of the music. Sort this out with the performer in advance to avoid misunderstandings. Of course, the rates reflect the times and times are hard, so it is wise to negotiate. You will find many artists are in the same shape and would love to play for less. Remember that distance and travel impact cost, etc. Sometimes a bed, warm meal and good company helps a lot! Some concerts come in around $10 each. 30 people = $300. It all helps keep our artists from starving. These folks are fine human beings making it easy to connect!

Why House Concerts

In a world where we’re allowing more and more bar cover bands and bar-life to monopolize most live, original music outlets, house concerts remind us that there’s still something eclectic, original and genuine to look forward to. Music has become “this thing that goes on in the background.” “Listening” is an almost forgotten element and crucial to any artist. Hickory Arts house concerts only differ by definition because we make them available to the public. No personal invitation required. This allows any artist a broader opportunity to reach and connect to folks they otherwise may not by way of house concert.

Hickory Arts is not an event-driven studio. Session work is meant to prepare you for the world, not a recital. Because we believe so much in autonomy and because so many events are monopolized, we help and encourage you to book your very own event(s), i.e. house concert(s), showcasing you, your talent/skill as an artist and sole-proprietor of your work.