Studio PolicyHickory Arts

30/30/30 rule of thumb—$30/week, 30-minute sessions, each teaching artist is limited to 30 students so every developing artist receives the attention he/she deserves.

Payment-in-full per month at the beginning of the month is expected in order to reserve your time for that month. We do not accept payment on a weekly basis. Please submit payment online via the link attached to your invoice, bring payment with you to the first session of every month or you may mail payment to the studio address on the invoice/website. Credit cards are also accepted at the studio. *If you opt to save your payment information online and payment is 30 days late, you will automatically be charged for your session time.

Make-ups are not offered. It’s simply impossible to discern between who’s genuinely sick and who doesn’t feel like rolling out of bed. The ol’ “one bad apple spoils the barrel”-cliché. Plus, any Make-up means twice the booked time for the same cost.

Punctual attendance is expected. If you’re on time, you’re late. If you are more than 15 minutes-late for a session without notification, it will be canceled and you will be charged; if another session is scheduled immediately following yours, it can’t be pushed back.

24–hours minimum notice is necessary to attempt a Reschedule. However, a Reschedule is not guaranteed. Space is limited. Email and/or text/call 828–270–9801 to leave a message for Hickory Arts and your instructor. If/when you reschedule a session directly with your instructor, please copy Hickory Arts so the studio can make a note of the change.

Students must provide at least 2 weeks notice to establish any leave of absence, vacation or discontinuation, otherwise it is our understanding at the top of each month that we are continuing to reserve your/our time and you will be invoiced. Most of us have calendars and make plans ahead of time, so we feel this is very reasonable so that we can consolidate and make other scheduling arrangements in your absence.

We are all in demand as parents, instructors, performers, directors, etc. These policies are designed to honor and respect our time, yours and others who try to schedule and reserve time.

In the event that a session/class must be cancelled by Hickory Arts, you may apply the amount paid as credit towards any other session. Credits will expire if unused/unclaimed after 30 days.

There are countless myths surrounding Nashville, Hollywood, Broadway and the entertainment industry in general. We work in a 90%-rejection industry. Mythbusting and “keepin’ it real” are fundamental to our relationship and your success. You’ll never catch us telling you what you want to hear and we surround any expectations around the hope that you’ll learn as much from our mistakes as our accomplishments. Writing, arranging and recording is a full-time gig. Acting is a full-time gig. Space and focus is everything. Session time is neither practice time or rehearsal time. Failure to communicate and demonstrate a reasonable work ethic will result in elimination from Hickory Arts.