ActingHickory Arts

Hickory Arts regularly offers private, one-on-one acting coaching sessions.

Private sessions are ongoing and employ “The Method” (The Stanislavsky System). Emphases include human behavior, interpersonal communication, threading, choices, between the lines, physicality, empathy, character study, musical theatre applications and the do’s and don’t’s of interview and audition protocols and procedures. *Headshot and resume building required.

Each actor is expected to memorize monologues, engage in scene work and establish a journal in a three ring binder. This journal will be used each session for notes, self-assessments, analysis and to contain any and all handouts and other information given to the student.

Each acting student is asked to have goals that they want to achieve and these goals form part of the basis for each session. Material covered includes audition prep (equity, film, NCTC/SETC), Alexander Technique, Stanislavsky, resume building, movement, film, improv, character development, etiquette, performances and intense scene work.

There is always room for the creative child who is determined to be on stage. We’ll learn how to be comfortable in our own skin and that the creative process is a simple, fun-filled skill set that everyone can learn. Each session includes creative exercises and games in a safe environment to explore and create characters for the stage.